How To Get Paint, Oil and Grease Out of Carpet-Easy If You Know How

To get  paint, oil or grease out of carpet, you have to use a spot remover  formulated for these kind of stains.  As professionals in the cleaning business, we go with a product designed for the problem.  Home remedies can be (are) a problem as I will explain later in this post.

Here are before & after pictures of  some oil and grease spots in an off-white carpet:

The product we use is JohnsonDiversey Spot And Stain Remover

The nice thing about this product is it is designed to work with carpet fiber and rinse freely leaving NO residues.  It also restores any stain resistance your carpet may have.  This means after the stain is gone,  the protective coating is restored back onto your carpet, therefore resisting any future spots.

As professionals in the cleaning business, we have used the Johnson products for years.

As a homeowner or apartment renter, don’t get me wrong, you are not in the carpet cleaning business, but why not use what the pro’s use and get the same results?

Easy Directions To Get Out Paint, Oil Or Grease From Your Carpet

1. Here is what you do.  Get some absorbent terry cloth towels, that you can use to blot up spots with. Also, get a spray bottle and fill it with lukewarm water.

2. Apply the spot and stain remover to the area of the paint, oil or grease spot.   Next, agitate the spotted area to get the chemicals working on the spot and penetrate the carpet fiber.   Do this by using the edge of a putty knife or even a butter knife to work at loosening the spot from the carpet.

3. After a few minutes blot up the spot in your clean terry cloth towel.  Work toward the middle of the spot so you do not spread it out and make it worse,  and use your fist to push down hard on the towel, working the spot up into the cloth.  Turn your cloth frequently to absorb the paint, oil or grease.  You may need to use your putty knife or butter knife to scrape off globs of paint or heavy grease.  Take your time and work at it, you can do it!

4. Rinse the spot by using your spray bottle of warm water to wet the area and blot up the excess with another clean terry cloth towel.

5. Repeat if necessary, otherwise, enjoy your clean, spot-free carpet!

A Word Of Caution About Home Remedies

Although home remedies using Dawn dish washing liquid or Tide  might do part of the job,  Dish washing liquids and laundry soap are designed to clean dishes, and laundry,  not carpet fiber.

These products are not “free-rinsing”  and the detergent and soap are very hard to rinse out of carpet where it stays trapped.  In the long run what happens is these products  cause a grey spot to appear in your carpet since the sticky dish washing liquid and laundry soaps attract more dirt because of the residue left behind.

Usually, when the grey spots appear, we get calls to come out and clean the carpet.  This is because the soiled carpet is so dirty spot removal just doesn’t work anymore, so we have to use a steam cleaner to rinse out the dirt and residues.

Read What Others Have To Say

Don’t take my word for it.  You can read an interesting testimonial in which someone who had paint in their carpet and used the Johnson product.  They were surprised at the end results.  You can read the testimonial  at this link.

Please, leave your comment or question below about how this method has worked for you.  Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “How To Get Paint, Oil and Grease Out of Carpet-Easy If You Know How”

  1. As far as latex paint is concerned, the best cleaning agent around is the johnson product in this post. I use it to clean my brushes. It won’t discolor the carpet. U will need a wet/dry vac to suck up the chips. If the paint hasdried, multiple applications will be needed to soften up the paint. Don’t get too aggressive w/ brush, or u could cause undo damage to carpet.

  2. As far as oil is concerned… I punctured my radiant heater and it leaked oil on my carpet. I was able to wet-vac (max suction nozzle) all the oil up, then washed w/ johnson, all gone, whew. I’m a tenant who will one day want his deposit back.

  3. Thank you sir for your advice,
    i have not tried these.
    my problem i think is little different
    my problem is about oil(ghee) that has fallen on car carpet.
    the ghee had fallen on car,s carpet and has ruined it

    it has been two months since this happened

    we tried to wash ourselves with hot water.
    got no result
    than went for car wash
    still nothing happened.

    now i want your valuable advice on this

    thanks in advance.

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