Cleaning the Inside of your Vehicle

I will be posting pictures in the next day or two on an upholstery cleaning job our company completed.  I wanted to do this because after a long winter here in Fargo, ND, now is a great time to clean the inside of your vehicle.  If you decide to tackle this cleaning yourself, here are a few tips:

1.  Get a bag and clean out all the stuff.  You know, papers, mail, pop cans, bottles, snack wrappers and all the junk in the seats.  Throw out what you don’t need and bring the other stuff in the house to sort later.

2. Vacuum.  Get a shop vac with a crevice tool and vacuum the inside out.  Get out all the gravel, sand and mud, along with the dust on the dash with a dusting brush attachment.

3. Spot clean.  Unless you rent a carpet extractor or hire a company to steam clean the interior, use a brush, foaming spot cleaner and a bucket of water to remove spots and ground in mud and grime.  Get a can of foaming carpet cleaner, spray the area throughly, and brush the foam into the upholstery or floor mats.  Then, use the bucket of clear water and brush to work the area and use some towels to absorb the dirty water, or shop vac the moisture out.  Some foaming cleaners work by drying, and then vacuuming the residue out. This method works okay, but a through steam cleaning is a better option, since it will clean much deeper and remove more grime.

4. Wipe the dash, use some small dusting brushes or detail brushes to get the vents clean, and perhaps use some plastic protector for cleaning purposes.

A freshly cleaned interior will help you get into the spring mood, and make your driving much more pleasant.

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