Office Carpet Cleaning- Some Before And After Pictures Of A Fargo Office Building Steam Cleaning


You home carpet gets a ton of abuse.  But carpet in a business or office gets even greater abuse.  We completed an extremely large office building in Fargo that has all sorts of traffic.  There are many employees coming and going, and many “cubicles” in the building.

The trouble with this kind of cleaning is that you never know exactly how it is coming out due to the great amount of wear the carpet takes.  Sometimes you cannot do very much because the carpet fiber has broken down to the point where it just will not respond to cleaning and the carpet fiber is permanently discolored.

Kind of like never washing your shirt after 5 years of daily use, it probably will not look like new again.

Here is an example of one such cube before we cleaned it:

The first step we took in cleaning this it to apply a carpet pre-treatment which are are a biodegradable blend of detergents to break down the deeply em

bedded dirt and grime.  You can see a great amount of soiling from the wheels of the chair grinding the soil into the carpet.

The second step is we use a soft brush to agitate the area and loosen the soil.

Finally, we use a hot water rinse, as you can see in the picture below, to flush out the dirt and grime and use a powerful vacuum to suck out the filthy water.





PRESTO!  So, after we flushed out the carpet, the result was a much cleaner carpet, as you can see from the picture.

Is it just like a brand new carpet?  No.  But is it as clean as it is going to get?  … I think the answer is yes.  If you would like to see what we can do for your carpet, either in a house, apartment or business, give us a call.  701-306-7026

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